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How You Can Help

There are a few ways

See if you qualify to donate a kidney

Donating a kidney is a life-changing gift. It is also a major commitment that involves extensive testing, major surgery and weeks of recovery time. We want you to know this up front. If you decide to donate a kidney, here’s the process you’ll go through.

Donate a kidney even if you are not compatible with Eileen


In the state of CT, and many others, such as through the National Kidney Register, there are a number of ways that you can step up to donate a kidney even if you are not compatible with Eileen. Over 100,000 people are in need of a kidney transplant. Roughly 6,000 people donate their kidney every year. Less than 5% of those 6,000 living kidney donors donate to someone that they do not know; this type of donor is known as a Good Samaritan donor and there are multiple paths for Good Samaritans to go down if they wish to donate.

Donate to Eileen's cause through a GoFundMe Page

Donating a kidney is not only a major time commitment, but costs are incurred, and recuperation time can be lengthy.  If you would like to give through a cash donation, please do so through a GoFund Me account friends have  created  for the cause,  to help cover expenses. 

Share this website with someone who you think might want to help!


**For more information, or to find out details about what a typical donor experience is like,  reach out to Nancy Lavoie, Eileen's 2nd kidney donor...and real life ANGEL

Donate: FAQ
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